How to Wear Flats Every Day

They say beauty is pain, but does it have to be? We all know what heels do for an outfit, and there truly is no perfect substitute. There is, however, an often overlooked alternative that will usually do the trick: flats. Yep, we know, that sounds so boring, but the right pair can dramatically up […]

Dare to Wear: Midi Skirts

Yes, midi skirts. Before you run the other way, let us just say that they CAN look great on you, too! We all know the look from gorgeous photoshoots and endless browsing on Pinterest, and we all wish we could pull them off. They’re super classy, feminine, a bit old-fashioned and look amazing with pearls!¬†Perfect […]

Off Day? You Need These Now!

We all have those days where we wake up feeling a bit off (or downright miserable) and nothing seems to look or sit right. While we’re sure it’s mainly in your head, there are some foolproof ways to improve your look without too much stress or effort. Check ’em out! Wear black. Slimming and classic, […]

How to Wear All Black

Many, many, maaaaany women consider black their go-to color. It’s classic, subtle and slimming, not to mention very easy to find as well as to pair with favorite accessories. If you love to wear all black, though, you may find yourself getting a bit bored with your wardrobe and need some ideas to spice up […]

black pumps

5 Essential Shoes For Every Woman’s Closet

Here at Pearl & Clasp we’re all about jewelry (of course), but we know that there’s another super-important part of literally every outfit: shoes. And while a girl can’t own too many pairs in theory, in reality she may need to limit her collection to save space and/or money. Many shoe trends come and go, […]

Spring Trends to Look Forward To

You may not be feeling very springy yet- let’s face it, with this freezing, wet weather it’s hard to imagine a time when you can just step outside without layers and layers of clothes- but the warm, sunny season is almost upon us. We don’t recommend packing up your winter wardrobe just yet, but you […]

5 Day-to-Night Wardrobe Essentials

Sometimes our social calendars don’t take our work schedules into account, especially when the party is an event for a larger group. We rush out of the office looking haggard and totally uninspired… Until now! We’ve done some research, and have compiled this list of 5 super simple items that will instantly, and we mean […]

8 Tips for a Great, (In)Expensive Wardrobe

I’m sure we all know those people who just look amazing and put together ALL. THE. TIME. We usually just chalk it down to expensive items, and while this is often the case, there are plenty of things you can do to give your wardrobe a boost without spending big $$s. Here are some ideas: […]

Turtleneck Tips

In winter, it’s hard to juggle the desire to look great and the desire to not freeze. Many winter items are warm-ish on their own, but once you layer them on you’re left feeling a bit like a shapeless blob. But, if you ditch some of the layers, you spend the day shivering and miserable. […]

Styling Tips for Petite Women

So many styles and advertisements are aimed at women with long, lean figures. Models are usually close to 6′ tall, and while the clothes they showcase look stunning on them, they’re especially hard to pull off if you’re under 5’4. If you can relate with this frustration- look no further! Here are some excellent fashion […]

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