Choosing Pearl Lengths

Now sure what size you want your pearls to be? Not sure how long you want your strand of pearls to be? See the chart below to learn the different pearl sizes. The experts at Pearl & Clasp explain different pearl lengths below – find the right pearl length now.


Different lengths of pearl necklaces


While pearl jewelry can often be customized to any length, there are many standard lengths from which to choose.  And yet, while unlimited options make pearl jewelry one of the most popular types of jewelry in the world, it can also be overwhelming for shopper who aren’t entirely sure what length will be best.   If you need a bit of help choosing between different lengths of pearls, check out the guide below, or contact one of our pearl experts to help you find that special something.

Rope  Pearl Necklaces

A single strand of 37 inches or longer, this length of pearls can be worn in a variety of ways, and offers the most versatility in terms of styling.  Women can wear pearl rope necklaces as a long single strand or as a shorter double or triple strand.  This type of necklace can be knotted or twisted and used to embellish necklines of all different types.

Opera Pearl Necklaces

Slightly shorter than the rope necklace, the pearl “opera necklace” is usually 26-36 inches in length.  This type of pearl strand is almost as versatile as the rope necklace, as it can also be worn in a double or single strand.  Traditionally worn by high society women for a night at the opera, opera necklaces are no longer reserved for a special night out.  In fact, it’s quite common to see them as a way to dress up otherwise casual attire.

Princess Necklaces

As its name suggests, pearl princess necklaces are designed to make a woman feel regal, no matter what she’s wearing.  Measuring from 17-19 inches long, princess necklaces are a beautiful complement to most types of necklines.  They can be made from pearls of all sizes and will look classy not only with most clothing, but also with most other accessories.  Although princess length pearl necklaces tend to be simpler than their longer counterparts, the classically tasteful length of this strand has contributed to its timeless beauty.

Pearl Choker

Frequently strung from 14 to 16 inches long, pearl chokers are often confused with pearl collars, which are slightly shorter.  Contrary to what you may think, pearl chokers don’t actually constrict the wearer’s neck.  Instead, they hang slightly below the neckline to create a subtly tasteful look that is appropriate for both day and evening wear.   Pearl chokers are often embellished with rondels or other accessories to add a bit of interest to an otherwise traditional pearl strand.

Pearl Collar

Pearl collars may only measure 12 to 13 inches long, but what they lack in length they make for in elegance.  Often considered the dressiest length of pearl necklaces, pearl collars are typically worn in multiple strands, and adorned with decorative clasps or diamond bars.  Pearl collars are ideal for women who enjoy wearing V-neck or boat neck fashions.

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