Pearl Restringing Instructions

Pearl restringing is necessary every few years in order to maintain the quality and security of your pearls. It’s also an excellent solution for those looking to change the style of their pearl strands. If you’re not sure how to go about getting your pearls restrung or if you aren’t quite sure what style you want to achieve, we can help! Our team has restrung thousands of pearls, and we’re happy to restring yours as well. To have your pearls restrung by our expert team, please follow the steps below. Or, if you have specific questions about the pearl restringing process, please read more here, or contact our customer service team to discuss your specific concerns or questions. With each submission of pearls we will check the clasp to make sure that it is working properly and is secure enough to hold your pearls. We are also happy to provide a free verbal appraisal of all pearls that are sent in for restringing. If you’d like to know what your strand is worth please don’t hesitate to let us know.


Option #1 – Free restringing (18 inch) services with the purchase of any clasp purchase over $100

Mail in your pearls to our store (Pearl & Clasp 579 5th Ave Suite 1125 NY NY 10017). If you want to purchase a new clasp you can either do it in advance or let us know when you send in your pearls.
We will send you an email confirmation once we have received your pearls.
We are happy to offer free restringing with the purchase of a clasp that is over $100 ! (*This is based on an 18″ strand and free restringing applies only for the clasp purchased. For further rules regarding this offer, please click here).

Option #2 – Send in your pearls for restringing services only

Mail in your pearls to our store (Pearl & Clasp, 579 5th Ave NY NY 10017)
We will send you an email confirmation once we have received your pearls
We will contact you regarding the fee for your re-stringing service as well as the shipping rate. Typical restringing prices are $2 per inch of your pearl strand, however prices may vary for more complicated designs (minimum cost is $36 for a necklace).

If you want to have your pearl jewelry restrung in a unique way, you can send us an email of the design and contact our customer service center for an estimate.