Pricing for Pearl Restringing


  • Pearl necklaces are $2 per inch, $36 minimum
  • Pearl bracelets are $30 per row


At Pearl & Clasp, all standard* pearl restringing costs only $2 per inch* for necklaces with prices starting at $36 and bracelets cost $30 per row. We believe that you deserve to enjoy your pearls without paying a fortune to maintain them, which is why we offer our expert pearl restringing services for the lowest possible price.

The Pearl & Clasp team is also extremely happy to offer free pearl restringing services with the purchase of any clasp over $100 per 18 inch strand(***). Browse our selection of diamond and gold clasps, double strand clasps, bracelet clasps and more to find just the right clasp to update the look of your pearls.

The cost to restring pearls does not include shipping, though we do offer free USPS shipping on all orders over $100. With free restringing and free shipping, why not find the perfect pearl clasp today?




*Pearl restringing costs for complicated designs can be received from our customer service center. Seed pearl restringing is an extra $10 per strand.

**The minimum restringing fee is $30 for bracelets and $36 for necklaces.

***Certain restrictions/conditions apply. Free restringing offer is based on an 18″ pearl strand with the purchase of a clasp at a cost of $100.  This offer only applies for simple restringing jobs and not complex restringing or mystery pearls.



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