What is a mystery pearl? Do you make mystery pearls?

A mystery pearl is a pearl clasp that is made of a pearl with a screw inside. A mystery pearl looks like a normal pearl strung onto a necklace but is like a clasp that opens and closes. A mystery pearl can be used as a clasp for a seamless look or you can add multiple mystery pearls to your pearl necklace or bracelet to allow for different length and styling options.

Can you match my existing pearls with new pearls to add on to my jewelry?

Yes we can ( for almost all pearls). Simply send in your pearls and we will have our pearl experts match our pearls to your piece of jewelry. Feel free to choose your ideal strand length

What is an endless pearl necklace?

An endless pearl necklace is one seeming long pearl necklace. An endless pearl necklace has no beginning or end, which allows for more styling options. Depending on the length of the endless pearl necklace, you can feel free to style the pearls in different ways.

How long does it take until my item is shipped?

Most of our pearl items will be shipped within 2 business days. For custom pearl jewelry and pearl restringing, items may take longer to ship. When your item is ready to be shipped you will receive a confirmation email that contains your item’s shipping information.

Can I design my own piece?

Yes! You can choose your pearl type, size, quality, strand length, clasp type and clasp metal. Because of our wide selection of luxury pearls and designer clasps, customers can feel free to design a set of pearls that match their exact style preferences. Based off your style needs and price range, Pearl & Clasp will guide you through the design process to ensure that your vision is met while still remaining inside your budget. For more information on designing your pearls, visit our special orders page.

What if I want a double sided clasp but the one I picked is single sided?

No problem, we can custom design each clasp to make it double sided.

When do you use a double sided clasp?

It is best to use a double sided clasp for a single strand pearl necklace or bracelet. Many times, a clasp will flip over and if you have a double sided piece, you don’t need to worry if the clasp is on the right side or not.

What is a double-sided clasp?

A double sided clasp is a clasp that has a design on each side. Some of these clasps have the same design on both sides and some have different designs to give you more versatility. These clasps provide a unique design and give you more versatility while styling your pearl necklace or pearl bracelet.

I am scared the clasp I chose may flip over my single sided necklace. What are my options?

Most of the single sided clasps found on our site can be custom ordered to be double sided. The double sided clasp provides you with a design on each side, so you won’t ever have to worry about your clasp flipping over. To find out more about customizing to a double sided clasp, contact our customer service.

Can you help me pick the right pearl clasp?

At Pearl & Clasp, we strongly value our customers style preference, and have the expertise to guide you through the selection process. Not every clasp is appropriate for all pearls and we can guide you to choosing the clasp that will work best to fit your pearls.

The clasp broke on my pearl necklace. Must I restring the entire necklace, or can you just attach a new clasp?

When fixing any strand of pearls or replacing any clasp on a pearl stand, it is essential that you restring the entire strand, not just the area around the break.  There are several reasons for this.  First, tying a clasp on to an existing strand will create a weakness in the strand around the heaviest area, which will reduce the strength of the entire strand.  Second, if there is a weakness detected in the strand in one place, it is highly likely that there are other places of weakness in the strand, even if they are not visible to the naked eye. Fixing the entire strand is the best (and only) way to ensure that your pearl jewelry will look its best for years to come.

What kind of experience do you have with pearl clasps/ restringing?

Our team has over thirty five years of experience restringing pearls, and they have restrung hundreds of pearls. Due to our wide range of experience restringing pearls, we strongly believe that we can accurately advise and assist you during the restringing process with choosing the right clasp, pearl length and style.

What are the restringing costs?

For simple restringing jobs, the cost is only costs $2 per inch. For an 18 inch pearl necklace, it only costs $36. The price for a bracelet is $24 per strand.  For more complex pearl pieces, prices may vary. For more information on our restringing services click here

What kind of restringing services do you offer?

Whether its a simple restringing job or a more complex one, our restringing experts are able to restring any piece of pearl jewelry you have in mind. Our restringing experts can restring any pearl necklace or pearl bracelet with either your original clasp or a new clasp. Our restringing services also allow you to transform your old pearl bracelet or pearl necklace into a completely new piece of pearl jewelry. For example, a single strand pearl necklace can be re-strung into a double strand pearl bracelet.

Do you make any pieces in silver?

Most of our pieces can be custom ordered in silver. Selecting silver as your metal type, may also lower the costs of your order. For a specific piece you may have in mind, please contact us for the details. We have a wide collection of stunning clasps made in sterling silver. Click here to view our sterling silver clasp collection.

What quality pearls do you sell?

We offer a variety of quality pearls, ranging from A-AAA quality. Customers can feel comfortable to purchase the pearl quality that works best for their style preferences, while still remaining inside their budget.

What types of pearls do you sell?

Most of our pearl pieces are made with freshwater pearls. However, we also design certain pieces using Tahitian, South Sea and Akoya pearls. Any of our clasps or pearl jewelry pieces can be made with these different kinds of pearls.

What is the best way to contact the company?

We are available to answer any comments or questions you may have via phone or email.
By phone: 1-800-208-1097
By Email: info@pearlclasp.com