All About Mystery Pearls


Mystery Pearls, also known as a screw clasp, are pearls that can be screwed together like a clasp, for a simply flawless look.  When a necklace or bracelet is made with Mystery Pearls, the pearls become one seamlessly elegant strand, allowing the natural beauty of the pearl to make the statement. If   the simple and natural look of a pearl speaks to you, then Mystery Pearls are a option when picking out a clasp for any of your pearl pieces.

Mystery Pearls have the amazing capability to turn average pieces of pearl jewelry into something versatile and spectacular.  By adding multiple Mystery Pearls at designated lengths, one pearl necklace can be easily transformed into 3 different necklaces, giving you more options for styling your pearls.

With a team who has over 20 years of experience, Pearl & Clasp is always available to guide you through the selection process, to ensure your Mystery Pearls are a perfect fit. Our on hand style team offers expert advice on how to best capture the look you’re going for. You can send in your heirloom pearls to have mystery pearls added or you can purchase a new strand of pearls with mystery pearls instead of a standard pearl clasp.


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