Pearl and Diamond Jewelry

It has long been said that ‘diamonds are a girl’s best friend’…but lately, if you ask us, we like to think that diamonds are a pearl’s best friend.  From a delicate diamond and pearl pendant to an extravagant diamond-encrusted clasp, there’s no question that any pearl looks instantly brighter with a little bit of extra bling.

If you think about it, diamonds and pearls are actually a bit of an odd pairing.  With little or no color, diamonds could just as easily look washed out or dull next to even the most lustrous of pearls.  But surprisingly, pearls and diamonds complement each other in perfect harmony, creating a dignified, distinguished look that is suitable for everyone from brides and royalty to a professional businesswoman.

Making Diamonds and Pearls Work Together

There’s no question that the combination of diamonds and pearls can be opulent, luxurious and even gaudy.  But we like to think that this winning combination should be tasteful, appropriate and affordable.  To this end, Pearl & Clasp offers a large variety of pearl jewelry to fit its every customer’s distinctive style and taste. If you are looking for the refined yet also eye-catching look of diamonds and pearls combined, you’ve come to the right place! Browse through our large and beautiful selection of pearl-diamond jewelry; you’re bound to find the perfect piece to fit your unique fashion sense. Set in yellow gold or white gold, pearl and diamond jewelry will allow you to express yourself without saying a word.

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