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Multiple Strand Clasps

Multiple Strand Necklace Clasps, Infinite Style Options

When layered in multiple strands the luster of pearls reflects off each other, creating a look that is both luxurious and timelessly-beautiful. Many would argue that there is nothing more beautiful than a multiple strand pearl necklace. Or is there?

At Pearl & Clasp, our team believes that a stunning clasp can enhance even the most beautiful of pearl strands. Designed to add even more elegance to your already beautiful necklace, pearl clasps are a class on their own. Nowadays, clasps are more than just functional pieces to open and close your jewelry; rather, a special clasp can add an entirely new dimension to your pearl jewelry.

We’re proud to present our extensive and magnificent collection of multiple-strand necklace clasps featuring unique designs fit for all occasions and budgets. Choose from a large variety of brilliant clasps- from the basic yet beautiful gold filigree pieces to dazzling diamond bars and handcrafted flower cluster clasps. Most importantly, our team goes to great efforts to ensure that your pearl jewelry (whether it’s a multiple-strand pearl necklace or any other piece) is top quality. Unlike cheap pearl jewelry companies, the majority of our pieces are crafted in our New York office, using only the highest quality materials. With over 20 years of experience in dealing with pearl jewelry, Pearl & Clasp strives to ensure that your jewelry is top-notch in both quality and in style.

Whatever your need may be we are confident that you will be impressed by our superlative selection of multi strand necklace clasps. Go ahead and indulge yourself!

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