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Bracelet Multiple Strand Clasps

Multiple Strand Bracelet Clasps

When strung properly, a multiple strand pearl bracelet has the ability to look breathtakingly beautiful.  But without the right clasp to hold the strands together, the bracelet may look limp or saggy – probably not the look you’re going for.  To ensure that your multiple strand bracelet looks perfect, we’ve hand-picked dozens of multiple strand bracelet clasps.  Browse our collection to find something to match your style!

Whether you’ve got freshwater pearls or Tahitian pearls, Akoya pearls or South Sea beauties, you’ll find a clasp that will fit your needs.  Likewise, our selection of clasps will fit everything from 5mm pearls to 10mm pearls (and larger) – and everything in between. Whether you’re looking to support a triple strand, a quintuple strand or more, our clasp collection has something to add a touch of extra detail. Choose from silver, gold or diamond embellished clasps to layer on added style and luxury.

A multiple strand clasp is an extremely integral part of your layered pearl bracelet or necklace as it ensures that your pearl bracelet doesn’t twist and remains stable on your wrist.  Our clasps provide you with customized jewelry that will last through a lifetime of changing fashion. Try layering different pearl types, sizes and colors for a look that is unique and gorgeous. Enjoy the look of relaxed pearls with only a clasp to secure them, or opt for a more structured look with bars that match your clasp.

If you need a reason to get excited about your old or worn out pearls, upgrade the clasp on your pearl bracelet strands for a new look that is chic and updated. At Pearl & Clasp we are proud to offer free shipping for any order over $125 along with and a one year guarantee on our clasps to ensure that you feel entirely confident with your purchase.