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Double Strand Bracelet Clasps

Double Strand Clasps Double the Beauty of Your Bracelet

Pearl bracelets are pretty awesome not only because they look great, but because you can enjoy the beauty when you wear them!  Unlike pearl earrings or a necklace that can be seen only when you look in the mirror, you will enjoy your pearl bracelet every time you glance down!  Wear your double strand pearl bracelet with matching earrings or match your other jewelry to the metal of your clasp.  Double strand pearl bracelets look great with short sleeves and with longer sleeves, with evening gowns, wedding gowns and even with jeans.

Partial to yellow gold jewelry?  Go for a classic filigree clasp or a timeless flower clasp.  Prefer something more modern? A yellow gold bar clasp with diamonds be just what your stylist ordered.  Of course, we also offer a range of double strand bracelet clasps in white gold and white gold with diamonds, to meet any style or budget.  Looking for something specific that you don’t see here? Contact our style advisers to have a clasp custom made for your double strand pearl bracelet.   Great for both genuine pearls and costume pearls, our stylish clasps are designed to add interest and value to any strand and to create a piece you’ll treasure for years to come.