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Discover the Wonders of Rondels

Historically speaking rondels were known as circular pieces of metal that were used for protection during combat. Today, however, rondels are known not only as protective elements, but as style elements to enhance any pearl strand or beaded jewelry. Ironically, many people are familiar with the concept of rondels for jewelry without actually knowing what they are called. Simply put, jewelry rondels are small disks of gold or silver that are found in between pearls. Often adorned with diamonds or other gemstones, the purpose of these rondels is not to protect, but to beautify pearl strands and to add an additional style element.

When it comes to pearl jewelry, rondels can be placed in between every pearl or strategically placed throughout the strand to add a touch of sparkle and interest. If the clasp of your pearl strand is in the back of the necklace, you’ll probably want an odd number of rondels spaced throughout your necklace, while you’ll need an even number of rondels if the clasp is in the front of the strand. Rondels can be narrow or wide, plain or elaborate, and can accommodate any size of pearls. To help you choose rondels that will truly enhance the look of your pearl strands, the Pearl & Clasp team has carefully selected a variety of options to meet the needs of women with all style preferences.

Need help styling your pearls with the rondels of your choice? Contact our team for advice and suggestions about how to best incorporate rondels into your favorite pearl jewelry.