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Bridal Pearl Earrings

Earrings may not be the most conspicuous piece of bridal jewelry, but for the bride who wants to feel regal from head to toe, bridal pearl earrings are undoubtedly essential. Available as pearl studs or drops, with white or yellow gold accents and with dazzling diamond details, the bridal pearl earrings available at Pearl & Clasp are sure to complement any type of hairstyle and bridal headpiece.

When it comes to pearl earrings for brides, we recognize that each one will be seen by dozens, if not hundreds of wedding guests.  That’s why we make sure that all of our pearl bridal earrings are of the highest quality and that the pearls are of nearly identical size and color. Additionally, our bridal earrings can be made to match any other pearl bridal jewelry for a cohesive style statement that will create the impeccable look.

Each pair of our bridal earrings was chosen by our style experts to reflect either the hottest modern trends or the classic pearl styles that many brides seek for their special day.  Browse our collection to find a range of offerings from eye-catching South Sea pearl earrings to traditional Akoya studs, all of which will be perfect for your special day and any day afterwards.