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Worn by both classic style icons like Audrey Hepburn and Michelle Obama and trendsetting fashionistas like Sarah Jessica Parker and Kate Middleton, pearls have a way of enhancing any outfit without overpowering it. Available in an infinite choice of styles, sizes and lengths, pearls are impressively versatile while retaining their classic allure.

At Pearl & Clasp, our goal is to help you find the perfect pearl jewelry, whether you’re looking for a classic and sophisticated single strand pearl necklace or want to go mysterious and bold with black pearls, Pearl & Clasp has your perfect fit. Our team has over 20 years of experience, our pearls and pearl clasps are appreciated not only for their beauty, but also for their quality. Browse our wide selection of pearl jewelry to find the pearl necklace, pearl bracelet or pearl earrings that you’ve been dreaming of.


Why keep your pearls locked away when they deserve to be seen and admired? Pearl & Clasp’s team of pearl professionals can restring your pearls to make them more beautiful and more secure than ever before. Give your pearls a makeover by replacing your plain pearl clasp with an eye-catching new one, or transform a single strand into a double or triple strand during the restringing process.

Not sure what type of style best suits your pearls? We invite you to peruse our extensive selection of pearl jewelry to find everything from timeless bracelets to modern multi-strand pearl necklaces, or to visit our store in the heart of New York’s Diamond District to speak with a pearl expert who can help you narrow down your options. And, of course, our customer service team can always answer your questions by phone or email, so that you can make a comfortable, confident decision. Whether you’re looking for pearl jewelry for yourself or a loved one, our pearl experts can help you find a style that will suit your tastes and lifestyle.

At Pearl & Clasp see for yourself how the right pearl jewelry will be treasured forever.

*The expert restringers at Pearl & Clasp will restring one 18″ strand for FREE with the purchase of a clasp over $100.