About Us

With full-time jobs and a combined 10 children between them, Pearl & Clasp co-founders and neighbors Tara and Sari saw firsthand that women need to look stylish, even if they don’t have unlimited funds or time to shop. Pearl & Clasp was born from the need for busy women to get unique jewelry and professional jewelry repairs without wasting valuable time or overspending at their local boutique jewelry store. To meet these needs, Tara and Sari partnered with an experienced jeweler in New York’s Diamond District to provide restringing and jewelry repair services to women nationwide. At Pearl & Clasp, women can send in their pearls for restringing and have them delivered back to their door via FedEx or USPS without having to make a mad dash to the jewelry store during their lunch break or in between carpool runs. By opting for a practical workroom and a website-based business instead of an expensive storefront, Pearl & Clasp keeps its costs low and its quality high, making expert pearl restringing services and quality pearl jewelry with unique designs available to women in every state at the most affordable prices. Come visit our workroom on your next trip to New York and to see firsthand how every pearl necklace and pearl bracelet is restrung by hand, and how attention to detail is at the core of every knot we make. Get to know us!



  • My family has been in the jewelry business for generations, and I worked in the field during high school and college.
  • I seriously love peanut butter, and sometimes I sneak out of the house late at night just to get a PB fix.
  • I entertain…a lot. In a typical month, we host literally dozens of my husband’s students (and many of our friends, of course!).
  • This explains why I feel so passionate about a business that makes women’s lives easier… I could use some ease myself!


  • I cannot go a single day without eating cake.
  • I indulge in this addiction when the kids aren’t around, and pretend that I’m a healthy eater when they’re home.  I would not be able to hide my sins without good genes (thanks Mom!)
  • I love working with sappy love songs playing in the background.  Sometimes, when nobody’s around, I sing along.  Loudly.  Very loudly.
  • Even though I work in the fashion business, my husband has a better sense of fashion than I do.  And I’m OK with that.