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We are a father - daughter team looking to help everyone love their pearls again

After many long discussions

Our journey began in 2012

Pearl & Clasp is the brainchild of a father-daughter duo, Jon and Tara. The Bendavid family has been in the jewelry business for generations. It must be that gene kicked in when the duo decided to channel their passion into a venture that speaks for fashion-conscious women.

What is the dilemma of modern women? They want to look stylish but can hardly manage time and at times have enough budget to afford something fabulous. Pearl & Clasp is a business that not just thinks about the bottom line. We care for our customers. We offer high-quality products and impeccable services faster and cheaper than your local boutique jewelry stores.

Jon and Tara
tara and jon in 2019
A perfect fit for your every day life

Our mission and dream

Jon’s 42 years of experience in the pearl jewelry industry and Tara’s fresh perspectives along with first-hand on-field learning enabled them to assort an à la mode jewelry collection. The gene of getting things done to be the more efficient must be genetic. Jon is the resident pearl expert; he can simply look at a pair of pearls and easily tell you their value. Tara has loads of experience with customer service and online marketing and brings those skills to the business.

You might be wondering about the secret behind Pearl & Clasp’s low prices. It’s simple. We run the business online and from our office headquarters and do our best to pass the savings down to the consumer. We believe that you should not have to pay the price of pearls just to have them restrung.

Simplicity in design and form

About our office in the diamond district

We also offer restringing and jewelry repair services across the country. Just send your piece to us and we will have it delivered at your doorstep after the restringing is complete, giving your pearls or beads a whole new look.

Curious to know more about pearl jewelry restringing? We warmly welcome you to our New York office, standing on the corner of the 47th St. and 5th Ave. in the heart of the Diamond District.

Pearl & Clasp shares the newly renovated building with several other large jewelry companies. The coolest feature of our office is the huge safe to store all the pearls and merchandise. As a kid, Tara was fascinated by it. She often used to ask her dad about how it was built and how to change the combination.

Fun Fact: The safe is so gigantic that it had to be lifted with a crane to get into the office.

Pay a visit and see how we do the work and how much attention to detail is at the core of every knot we make. Get to know us!

Jon profile image

Our incredible team is here for you

jon on hiking trip

Jon Bendavid

Jon is an avid exerciser, when he is not briskly walking in the jewelry district of 47th street, he can be found either at the beach, doing yoga, walking in Central Park or hiking at Harriman State Park.
Tara in venice

Tara Horn

Tara’s passion for working toward making women’s lives easier and the family tradition have brought her into this business. She loves to host (a lot) and never gets over her peanut butter addiction.
marty at the office

Marty Fischler

Customer Relations
Marty's years of experience working in the diamond district clearly shines through on a daily basis. He makes a name for himself with customers due to his ability to easily explain everything.
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