Bead Restringing Services

At Pearl & Clasp, we know restringing is vital for the health of your pearl necklaces and bracelets.  But we also know that there are many other types of beads that need to be restrung- we’ve pretty much seen them all! We are proud to offer our restringing services for more than just pearls. Below are samples of actual bead restringing projects that we’ve done, as well as some of the types of beads we can restring. Let us know how we can fix your special strands!

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Prayer Beads:

Prayer beads get a lot of use, which means that they will most likely need to be restrung for endurance and strength. Our team understands the sentimental value of your prayer beads, so we are sure to string them very tightly so they can last through a lot of fingering and use. Whether it’s your beloved rosary, mala beads, or any type of religious beads, Pearl & Clasp’s restringing services can benefit you.

Glass Beads:

Glass beads are fragile, and like pearls; when they break they really break. Luckily, restringing your glass beads can help strengthen your strand to ensure that you get all the wear you want out of them, so your exotic find from a flea market in Madrid or your Venetian glass bead bracelet won’t be doomed to the jewelry box forever.

Crystal Beads:

A true fashion statement, crystal beads can make a gorgeous necklace or bracelet when strung properly. That being said, they are fragile and the strands can break very easily. We know how necessary it is to be confident in the strength of your jewelry strands, and restringing your crystal beads will allow you to wear your favorite strands without worrying about
them breaking or shattering.

Gemstone Beads:

Turquoise, amber, and tiger’s eye are just as much of a commodity as pearls, and you should feel confident that your gemstone bead jewelry will hold up to lots of wear. Pearl & Clasp’s expert restringing team can restring your gemstone strands to increase the strength and durability of your favorite jewelry.

Our services don’t stop at restringing! If you lost one or two beads when your necklace broke or you want to lengthen your beaded strand, Pearl & Clasp can help match some types of beads in size and color to change the style of your beloved jewelry. Don’t see the beads on this list that you need to be restrung? Contact our restringing team to find out about any type of bead restringing.