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Necklace Clasps

Pearl Necklace Clasps

Long gone are the days when the chain was the most attractive part of a necklace. In fact, when it comes to pearl necklaces, today’s necklace clasps are just as important as the strands they’re supporting. From gold clasps to necklace clasps embellished with pearls and diamonds, the right pearl necklace clasp can give a woman a new reason to love her pearls.

All of our necklace clasps have been carefully selected by our style experts to meet any style preference or budget. Whether you’re looking for an unadorned clasp to display multiple strands of pearls or a decorative clasp to revamp the look of an otherwise lackluster design, you’ll find what you’re looking for at Pearl & Clasp.

Free Pearl Restringing at Pearl & Clasp

Why spend money on restringing when you’d rather spend it on the necklace clasp that you love? We’re proud to offer free pearl restringing for 18 inch strands for all customers who purchase a new pearl necklace clasp over $100. When browsing our collection of clasps, keep in mind that depending on the size of your pearls, many of our clasps can be adjusted to accommodate more or fewer strands. However picking a clasp is not as simple as it seems. You need to make sure that your clasp will be appropiate for your pearls and in this area we excel. We are experts with pearl clasps and will help guide you to picking the clasp that will work with your pearls. If you have your eye on a specific pearl necklace clasp, make sure to check out the options available, or to contact our customer service department to see if the clasp will suit your existing pearls.

Not sure which pearl necklace clasp will create the look you want?  Contact us and our pearl style consultants are available to help you choose between our gold clasps,  pearl clasps and more. Don’t settle for something standard when you can have a pearl clasp that will truly stand out!