Sterling Silver Fishhook Jewelry Clasp


Metal Type: Sterling Silver
Clasp Size: 15mm
This clasp is for a single strand necklace




This Sterling Silver Fishhook Jewelry Clasp is a classic, simple clasp that serves as the perfect addition to any strand of pearls, whether it is new or old. Featuring a delicate, understated design, this sterling silver clasp channels an old fashioned grace and perfectly complements the natural, classic beauty of pearl gems.

This fishhook-style clasp is easy to use and oh-so-versatile, suitable for necklaces and bracelets alike. It’s silver color illuminates pearls naturally, showing off their luster and making them pop.

With its elegant floral and diamond motif, this clasp makes a statement without being overpowering, making it an excellent choice for your next go-to strand.


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