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Diamond and Gold Clasps

Diamond and Gold Single Strand Necklace Clasps

Do you love your pearl necklace but think your clasp is pretty drab? At Pearl & Clasp, we know the finishing touches can take your pearl necklace from being a piece you love to being a piece you L-O-V-E. A new clasp can be the secret weapon to take your pearl necklace to the next level. With our show-stopping choices, you’ll surely find the clasp you’re looking for.

We’ve never met a girl who didn’t love diamond jewelry, nor have we met a pearl that doesn’t love diamonds along her side. When you pick one of our many diamond and gold clasps for your pearl necklace, you’re surely going to fall in love with your jewelry over and over again.

Diamond necklaces for women conjure up images of luxury and extravagance perfect for brides and businesswomen the addition of diamonds with pearls makes your piece make a statement that’s sophisticated and chic without being gaudy or over the top. At Pearl & Clasp, we’ve found the secret to combine glistening diamonds with opulent pearls in a way that’s classy and refined. We’re happy to share that secret with you.

Each of our diamond and gold clasps is hand crafted, so many of them can be customized in either White or Yellow gold. The purchasing process at Pearl & Clasp is personal, so there won’t be any surprises along the way. If you love your pearls but you really want to L-O-V-E your pearls, a diamond gold clasp can be the finishing touch that makes the difference.