Daily Makeup Routine for Summer

Summer is a tricky time when it comes to your skin. On the one hand the sun and heat can dry it out, but on the other the inevitable sweat makes skin feel oilier than usual and can bring about problems like acne. Makeup seems like a fine solution, but the heat and humidity often leave makeup ...Read more ...Read more

Summer Staple: Plain White Tee

When summer hits hard and it?s too hot to think about anything, let alone which shirt to wear, it?s super convenient to have a go-to option that looks great virtually anywhere and with anything. One such staple is the plain white t-shirt. Pretty basic, huh? Yep, but with a bit of clever ...Read more ...Read more

Summer Office Wardrobe Breakdown

Summer is in high heat already and this is just the beginning. If you’re a working gal, you unfortunately do not have the luxury of lounging in shorts and a t shirt, and getting dressed each morning can be a real challenge. You need to look profesh and stylish without melting during your commute, ...Read more ...Read more

Fourth of July Style Ideas

Independence Day is less than one week away and we can already smell the barbecue smoke. Whether you?re heading out for a big family picnic or hosting some friends, the Fourth of July is a summer highlight that deserves some serious styling! If you?ve been on Pinterest (and we?re ...Read more ...Read more

Spring Travel Packing List

Spring is one of the best seasons to travel, and tourism is booming across the globe. Some of the most popular destinations of the season are located in Europe, where the warm weather can be a bit fickle and often gives way to random, unexpected showers. If this is true of a trip you are planning, ...Read more ...Read more

How to Become a Morning Person (And Why You Should!)

Mornings can be really tough, especially if you are not a morning person. But did you know that by waking up earlier and restructuring your mornings, you can dramatically increase your productivity, reduce anxiety and just become a happier person? Studies have shown that morning people are more ...Read more ...Read more

DIY Sandal-Ready Pedicure

Now that spring has truly sprung, we?re starting to get a hint of what?s to come this summer. You know, the sunshine, the beach, the breezy dresses, the ice-cold drinks, the hats?.. and the sandals. Some of you were excited by that last part, and some of you felt a twinge of ...Read more ...Read more