DIY Sandal-Ready Pedicure

Now that spring has truly sprung, we’re starting to get a hint of what’s to come this summer. You know, the sunshine, the beach, the breezy dresses, the ice-cold drinks, the hats….. and the sandals. Some of you were excited by that last part, and some of you felt a twinge of ...Read more ...Read more

Mother’s Day Photoshoot Tips

Mother’s Day comes during a truly beautiful season, and one of the best ways to celebrate a beloved mother in your life (or yourself!) is with some new family photos! You know what that means— PHOTOSHOOT! Depending on the size of your family and the ages of the subjects, setting up a successful ...Read more ...Read more

Mother’s Day Gift Guide: Pearl Necklaces

Mother’s Day is coming up and we’ve been thinking about ways to celebrate the most important women in our lives. Busy schedules and of course distance can take a toll on how much time we get to spend with our moms, but once a year we get to tell them how much they really mean to us and ...Read more ...Read more

Disney-Inspired Outfits for Spring

The new live-action Beauty and the Beast was absolutely stunning (of course), and we left the theater with butterflies in our stomachs and our childhoods on our minds. Emma Watson is so talented (we had no idea she could sing!), and we envy her opportunity to play one of our favorite disney princesses ...Read more ...Read more

Top Makeup Tips for Spring

Now that the sun is out and the weather is finally warming up, we’ve started changing our wardrobes and branching out into floral dresses, ballet flats and lighter layers. Just as our outfits require ...Read more ...Read more

Spring Cleaning Jewelry Hacks

Sometimes you just need a good old life hack to solve a problem that is just too expensive, annoying or hopeless to fix. Now, it’s not that we condone laziness, but we understand that working gals, moms and students are busy and certain things are just less of a priority. Unfortunately, one ...Read more ...Read more