Sterling Silver Swirl Box Clasp for Pearl Jewelry


Metal Type: Sterling Silver
Clasp Size: 8mm
This clasp is for a single strand necklace



Both stylish and affordable, this Sterling Silver Box Clasp is the perfect addition to any single strand of pearls.

Featuring a modern geometric square shape, this clasp contrasts beautifully against the round, clean shape of pearls, making it the perfect choice for a necklace or bracelet. You can also get two to create a matching set!

At 8mm, the clasp makes a subtle-but-chic statement. Whether you’re looking to design a new piece of jewelry or to upgrade an old favorite, this stunning clasp will add some modern flair and focus with its intricate swirl details and boxy shape. In sterling silver, the cool, classic design is sure to bring out a pearl’s natural luster.

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