Silver Pearl Clasp for 4 Strands


Metal Type: Sterling Silver

Clasp Size: 22mm

This clasp is for a 4 strand pearl necklace

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Nothing beats the beauty and sophistication of a silver clasp. The cool, elegant effect of a silver clasp, along with its light color, beautifully compliments the natural luster of a pearl, making it the perfect addition or upgrade for an old piece.

This Silver Pearl Clasp is suitable for a quadruple-stranded pearl necklace, and features a vertical rectangular shape with intricate detailing, including spirals, flowers and vines within a delicate frame.

A 4-strand pearl necklace speaks of class and sophistication, and this silver rectangle floral clasp adds a final touch of elegance and old-fashioned glamour. Get the complete look, and customize your ideal quadruple pearl necklace strands for a stunning upgrade.

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