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Gold Clasps

Gold Multiple Strand Bracelet Clasps

Complete the magnificent layered look of your multiple strand pearl bracelet with a radiant gold clasp. A gold clasp is at once modern and classic.  It’s a choice that goes well with all multiple strand bracelet styles and looks fabulous with any outfit. From now on, your wrist will make heads turn.

Dress up your multiple strand pearl bracelet or create your own unique piece of pearl jewelry with a gold clasp made from 14k white or yellow gold. From vintage to elegant to contemporary, a gold clasp is sure to infuse your multiple strand bracelet with added shine.

From traditional filigree to modern box designs, Pearl & Clasp’s multiple strand gold clasps ensure your pearl strands remain securely on your wrist.  Our hand-picked selection of multiple strand gold clasps is designed to contain something for every woman’s taste and budget.  Don’t see what you’re looking for?  Let us know and we can custom make it for you!

Gold is one of the most coveted metals when it comes to jewelry today, and this won’t likely change any time in the near future. So, why not combine your multiple strand bracelets with a gold bracelet clasp? It’s the perfect way to increase the value and splendor of your pearl strands.

Pair your bracelet with a set of gorgeous pearl earrings or a stunning pearl necklace to create a look that you’ll enjoy all day, all night and for many years to come.  Need help choosing the perfect pair? Our style team can help – all you need to do is ask!