Restringing and Revaluing Old Pearls

Your family heirlooms mean a lot to you, but they also mean a lot to us, which is why we make sure to take special care of your old pearls. Whether your old pearls have been in your family for decades or you just found a great strand of pearls at a flea market, caring for old pearls properly is essential, and restringing old pearls is the best way to ensure that they’ll look great for years. The last thing a woman needs is to chase her pearls after a strand breaks, especially when those pearls carry memory and meaning. Luckily, Pearl & Clasp has restringing services available to make sure to lengthen the life of any heirloom pearls and to increase the old pearls’ worth.

Old Pearls - Financial Value vs. Sentimental Value

You may have heard that pearls devalue over time, which is true. That being said, your old pearls most likely have tons of sentimental value, which makes them priceless. To be honest, it doesn’t matter how much your old pearls are actually worth – if they matter to you, they matter to us, and we would be honored to restring your pearl strands so that you can wear them for years to come.

Are you surprised by how cruel time has been to your pearls? Between skin oils, makeup, and other debris from the air, your old pearls may not seem as shiny or lustrous as you would like. Luckily, a good cleaning and restringing will breathe new life into your old pearls. If you’d like to add some extra style to your strands, check out our wide selection of hand-picked bracelet and necklace clasps. With our collection of antique-and-art-deco inspired clasps, you’re sure to find something that will add value to your old pearls without taking away from their vintage status and look. In addition, if you’re looking for jewelry to match your old pearls, our team can match any pearl in color and size so that you have a set that’s sure to turn heads.  Best of all, when you buy a clasp over $200, your pearl restringing is free.

Caring for your old pearls is both a science and an art; one that our expert team is happy to take care of for you. From cleaning, repairing, and restringing your timeless pearls, your strands are in the hands of experts and are sure to get back to you with as close to their original luster as possible. We look forward to seeing your old pearls!

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