Styling Tips for Petite Women

So many styles and advertisements are aimed at women with long, lean figures. Models are usually close to 6′ tall, and while the clothes they showcase look stunning on them, they’re especially hard to pull off if you’re under 5’4. If you can relate with this frustration- look no further! Here are some excellent fashion tips to help you compliment and make the most of your small frame:

1. The first, and simplest way to create height is wearing high heels. These are made to elongate the leg and enhance your posture, and they do the job well. If you have a busy day planned, or hate walking in heels, a low heel or wedges also make a world of difference. For maximum effect, wear shoes that are light in color, or even better, nude.

2. Keep purses on the small size. Oversized totes look cool from afar, but they will overwhelm a petite women. Instead, choose a medium-sized purse or a clutch to add dimension to your look in a more flattering way. This rule is true for most accessories- stick with smaller earrings or studs, slightly smallers scarves, and smaller hats.



3. Make sure your clothes fit you well. Taller women can pull off bulkier, more shapeless clothing, but if you’re small, stick with fitted or semi-fitted clothes that sit well on your body. Similary, avoid items with heavy patterns, designs, or excessive ruffles. These will make you look broader and shorter, instead of slighter and leaner.

4. Vertical lines are the petite woman’s best friends. These can be in the form of stripes, or even in the subtle seam lines of a top or skirt. These will create an illusion of length.



5. Like vertical lines, V-necks and U-necks draw the eyes up and down, which again creates an illusion of height. Long necklaces can have the same effect.

6. Dress in one color from head to toe. Whether you choose nude pumps, a nude dress and a light beige cardigan, or a dark slimming color like black or charcoal, the vertical line your outfi creates will make you seem taller.

7. Mini skirts and dresses are not the best option for shorter women. These look great with long legs, but will shorten a petite woman’s legs dramatically. This is because the hem falls on the thickest part of the thigh, drawing attention to it and cutting across an otherwise narrow vertical line.

knee length

8. Like mini skirts, belts can be tricky. Though a cinch at the waist can be quite flattering, the contrast cuts through the vertical line of the body, making it seem shorter. To solve this, stick with belts that are narrow, which blend in to the rest of the outfit.

9. Stick with pants that have straight or skinny legs. Pleats, cuffs, cut-offs and bulky pockets will all make you look bulkier.

What are your favorite tips and tricks for petites?

Until next time,



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