5 Day-to-Night Wardrobe Essentials

Sometimes our social calendars don’t take our work schedules into account, especially when the party is an event for a larger group. We rush out of the office looking haggard and totally uninspired… Until now! We’ve done some research, and have compiled this list of 5 super simple items that will instantly, and we mean INSTANTLY, boost your outfit and make you look and feel ready for a night out. We bet you’ve even already got most, if not all, of these in your closet already… Check this out:

       1. A Tuxedo Blazer

Throw one of these babies over almost any outfit and you’ll automatically look more sophisticated and tailored. Choose one in a neutral color, and make sure it sits well on your body.

tuxedo blazer


      2. Bright Lipstick (Preferably Red)

Nothing says night out like bright red lipstick. If red’s really not your color, anything bright will do: try something in a pink, peach or even orange. Be sure to coordinate it with the clothes you wore that day, and apply carefully (read: NOT while traveling) to avoid smudges!



     3. Sparkly Bling

No need to overdo this, but adding some sparkle or shine is a must! Pearls, diamonds, even chunky metals will all work fine as long as they match the rest of your outfit. Consider the scene you’re heading towards and choose accordingly. Think big necklace, interesting bracelet or dangly earrings.

statement jewelry


      4. A Clutch

A big, bulky laptop bag does not scream high fashion, even though it may be essential during your work day. For evening events, ditch it (or hide it) for a trendy clutch. Choose something with hardware that matches or contrasts well with your other jewelry, and conveniently stash your cellphone and cash without sacrificing style.



    5. Killer Heels

Black are usually the easiest and most sophisticated, but most colors would work well here. Store them in your bag during the day and throw them on before you arrive at your event. Go for something a bit dramatic like a strappy sandal, point-toe pumps or something with ankle straps to really tie your look together and totally change your work outfit to something party-worthy.

black heels


What do you think of these essentials? Seems pretty simple!

Until next time,



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