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5 Essential Shoes For Every Woman’s Closet

Here at Pearl & Clasp we’re all about jewelry (of course), but we know that there’s another super-important part of literally every outfit: shoes. And while a girl can’t own too many pairs in theory, in reality she may need to limit her collection to save space and/or money. Many shoe trends come and go, but certain styles are timeless. Wondering which ones you DO need? We’re here for you!

You may have already guessed the first: the black pump. Classic and flattering, the black pump is a must-have in every woman’s closet. Highly versatile, the black pump is a problem solver and the answer to many outfit dilemmas. Added bonus: they’ll boost your confidence and your mood when you wear them!


black pumps


Second is the heeled sandal. A drop more laid back than the black pump, heeled sandals can be used to dress up a more casual outfit, or to add some style and length to a summery cocktail dress. These shoes are especially popular this season, so if you don’t already have a great pair, these are worth shopping for.



Next are ballet flats. Feminine, flattering, elegant and generally inexpensive, these class up any and all outfits without sacrificing comfort and practicality. They’re also very versatile, and are handy for days with busy schedules.



Fourth are ankle booties. Perfect for all seasons except maybe summer, they go well with jeans, leggings, skirts and dresses. Add a light patterned scarf and sunglasses for spring, or a bulky knit sweater and thicker scarf during the colder months.

ankle booties


Like ankle booties, knee-high leather boots go well with many outfits and many seasons. What makes them essential, though, is their usefulness during the fall and winter months. Comfortable and oh-so-stylish, these will give any outfit a boost. More versatile, and potentially formal, than the rainboot, your knee-high boots should your feet warm and dry in rainy weather, so make sure you get a high-quality pair that fits you well.


What are your go-to shoes? Do you own at least one pair of each of these?

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