Turtleneck Tips

In winter, it’s hard to juggle the desire to look great and the desire to not freeze. Many winter items are warm-ish on their own, but once you layer them on you’re left feeling a bit like a shapeless blob. But, if you ditch some of the layers, you spend the day shivering and miserable.

One potential solution to this dilemna is the turtleneck (which is making a comeback!), but due to the styling difficulties involved, most girls don’t even own one, let alone multiples, to wear throughout the season. It can be challenging to look good in a turtleneck; depending on your body type you may feel you look short, shapeless, round or lumpy. However, when worn correctly, these babies can make you look like fashion queens AND keep you nice and cozy all day long.




Here’s what you need to know:

  • If you have a fuller figure and/or a larger chest, your turtleneck should be solid and dark. Keep the style simple, with no chunky knitting, and long enough to hit or pass your hips. Keep it looser and untucked (read: no crop-tops!), and pair it with bottoms that are a similar, dark color.
  • Gals with smaller frames can go a bit shorter and bulkier, with cable knit or other patterns, but don’t choose something super boxy. Put your hair up to create the illusion of a longer neck. Turtleneck ponchos also work well for thinner figures, adding bulk without going too far.
  • Rounded hemlines are generally more flattering.
  • If your turtleneck is tight, tuck it in to a skater skirt or wider pants; if it’s loose and chunky, wear skinny jeans or a pencil skirt. Turtleneck dress? Add leggings and heeled boots for a complete winter style!
  • Hair down is totally fine, but keep your look long and lean with dark bottoms and heeled boots.
  • Add length to your style with an extra-long necklace.
  • Don’t be afraid to layer your turtleneck; they look great with scarves, leather jackets, vests, blazers and jewelry. You can also wear yours under a dress or sweater for added warmth!

What do you think about turtlenecks? Would you wear them?

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