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January Trend: Riding Boots

We all know that wearing classy, higher-quality shoes can literally take an outfit from meh to fabulous. Of course, heels always look great, but let’s be honest: looking great feels good for a few minutes, but then the initial excitements wears off and you’re just left feeling sore and anxious to take those darn shoes […]

3 Dazzling Ways to Wear Pearls This Winter

Jewelry is often associated with summer; big hoop earrings, bangles…. And yet, never is jewelry more essential for an outfit than during cold winter months! Big chunky necklaces add so much personality and flattering perspective to high-necked sweaters, and turtle necks are also complimented by necklaces or dramatic earrings which elongate the neck. Although pearls […]

Winter Lazy Day Fashion Checklist

You know those days where you’re woken up during the night by the rain, and you lay awake listening to it pound on your window and fall back asleep snuggled up in your blankets…only to wake up in the morning to the same miserable weather? Suddenly the cozy romance is gone, replaced by panic and […]


How to Rock a Winter Hat

Ladies, we’re all in this together. And by “this” we mean the sometimes unbearable cold. Sure, furry, cozy, knit layers are awesome and fashionable and make getting dressed a breeze. Boots are obviously one of the very best fashion accessories ever created. Giant scarves and leather gloves make every winter outfit complete. Hot chocolate and […]

Winter Trend: Faux Fur

Whew, it’s cold! We’ve already talked about the importance of layering, we’ve covered coats and boots and all those glorious winter items that are absolutely essential to our wardrobes… And now we’re going to talk about something that is equally as practical, but also super fun! Don’t freak out—– but we’re talking about faux fur! […]

What You Should Wear to a Winter Wedding

The holidays, the lights, the snow… Is there anything more romantic than this gorgeous season? The only thing we can think of is a winter wedding! Sure, it’s a schlep to go, but once you’re there, the ambience more than makes up for the chill. Winter colors are so rich and luxurious, and the cold […]

Winter Date Night Ideas

As the weather gets colder, the temptation to live in sweatpants, furry slippers and cozy sweaters is hard to resist. This is especially true at night, when finding something both warm and flattering seems an impossible task. But what happens when your favorite guy asks you out on a date? You go out, and you […]

Star-Inspired Snow Day Looks

Snow days are often best spend at home sipping hot cocoa in our PJs, but sometimes we’re forced to venture outdoors despite the cold, wet slush. On days like these it’s hard to know what to wear; we want to look presentable (some may even aim for stylish) but we also want to stay as […]

A Simple Guide to Layering

In case we haven’t stressed this point enough, the best way to stay comfortable and stylish this season is by layering your clothes. This sounds simple, and it really is, but if you overdo it or layer the wrong pieces you may end up looking bulky or feeling uncomfortable. There are five easy steps to […]

Turtleneck Tips

In winter, it’s hard to juggle the desire to look great and the desire to not freeze. Many winter items are warm-ish on their own, but once you layer them on you’re left feeling a bit like a shapeless blob. But, if you ditch some of the layers, you spend the day shivering and miserable. […]

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