Winter Lazy Day Fashion Checklist

You know those days where you’re woken up during the night by the rain, and you lay awake listening to it pound on your window and fall back asleep snuggled up in your blankets…only to wake up in the morning to the same miserable weather? Suddenly the cozy romance is gone, replaced by panic and a desperate desire to stay indoors. Unfortunately, you’ve got important plans and/or a job to get to, so you need to venture out beyond the borders of your bed and out into the rainy, wet, cold world. Sometimes it can be hard to fake the motivation, so you opt for the “lazy” look in protest and to demonstrate how little you agree with the weather. Sure, the temptation to throw on an old pair of sweatpants and keep your PJ top on is hard to resist, but there is a better way! Trust us. You can look lazy and comfy and homey without sacrificing style.


Here’s what you’ll need:

  1. A cable knit sweater. Nothing says warm like a thick, knitted sweater. Opt for something oversized and chunky, like a turtleneck or a wrap with a belt.
  2. Jeggings or leggings. Don’t settle for anything too worn- your base is super important. Make sure you look work AND clean by wearing a good, thick pair of black leggings or jean jeggings.
  3. Furry boots or fuzzy socks. If you’ve got Uggs or Ugg-like boots, now is definitely the time to wear them! Clunky and loved by all, you can’t go wrong with boots like these on days like these. They were made for each other! Don’t have Uggs? Never fear! Show your fuzzy socks over your boots for an added bit of texture and seasonal spice.
  4. Messy updo. If you haven’t yet, practice the messy bun in front of the mirror. Gather your hair from the nape of your neck and tie loosely for a casual, comfortable look that is also ultra-stylish right now!
  5. Make up. Of course, you don’t want to overdo it, but a dab of BB cream and mascara will go a long way for you on days like these. You’ll immediately feel fresher and more alert without having to spend too much time on your face. Similarly, give yourself a quick manicure in an interesting or elegant shade and throw on your favorite piece of jewelry. Looking at a bracelet twinkling on your wrist can boost your mood and help fight off the winter blues!
  6. Glasses. Don’t ask us why, because we don’t really know, but dramatic plastic frames are just a must-have for this look. Choose a pair that are oversized and dark to highlight your eyes and really drive your style home.
Winter days


What are your favorite rainy day outfits?

Until next time,



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