A Simple Guide to Layering

In case we haven’t stressed this point enough, the best way to stay comfortable and stylish this season is by layering your clothes. This sounds simple, and it really is, but if you overdo it or layer the wrong pieces you may end up looking bulky or feeling uncomfortable. There are five easy steps to creating a layered outfit, and if you follow them, you’ll look amazing every time. Here they are:

  1. Choose a lightweight base. A semi-fitted, thin top in black a neutral solid or stripes is the perfect choice. Make sure this piece is comfortable against your skin, and flattering enough that if you do get hot, you won’t be self conscious wearing it by itself.
  2. Next, add a relatively lightweight cardigan or sweater. This is where you’d add a pop of color or a pattern, as it will peek out from beneath your other layers and add an interesting dynamic. Plus, if you shed some layers while indoors, this will keep your look interesting and stylish.
  3. Now add your jacket or coat. If you’ve been following us this season, you should know all about flattering outerwear, and already have this layer down. Keep it neutral, especially when layering, in black, gray, navy, beige or olive green.
  4. Our personal favorite comes next: the scarf. There are oodles of styles and colors to choose from, so don’t just settle for something boring. Whether it’s a thick, knit infinity scarf for warmth, or something a bit thinner for style, choose something in a bold, beautiful color or pattern to really make your outfit stand out.
  5. Now that you’re all layered up, take a look in the mirror and choose your accessories. Do your ears need a bit of sparkle? What bag will look best? Don’t forget great shoes, a watch or bracelet, and a dab of casual makeup!




A few quick tips in case you’re still not sure… Always consider the lengths and textures of your layers. Don’t keep things one-dimensional; experiement and make your look dynamic to avoid looking heavy or boxy. Inside layers should always be thinner than the ones you wear on the outside, and a belted jacket or coat will maintain a bit more shape as well.

What are your favorite layering pieces?

Until next time,



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