Winter Trend: Faux Fur

Whew, it’s cold! We’ve already talked about the importance of layering, we’ve covered coats and boots and all those glorious winter items that are absolutely essential to our wardrobes… And now we’re going to talk about something that is equally as practical, but also super fun! Don’t freak out—– but we’re talking about faux fur!

faux fur

No, we’re not suggesting that you go shopping in your great-grandma’s closet (though, on second thought, you totally should!), but instead that you consider adding touches of fur to give your look a soft, warm boost. Here are some ideas:

Fur collars. Minimalist but ultra-chic, fur collars add sophistication to any outfit. Look for a long coat or cardigan in a solid color complete with a furry collar to keep your neck warm. Trust us, you won’t be able to go without it. Add pearls to really maximize this look!

Fur vests. Less dramatic than a fur coat but just as warm, fur vests look great with a wide range of outfits- throw one on over a solid-colored dress, or pair it with a knitted top and dark jeans or leggings. Ankle booties look amazing with these vests, and you can opt for heels or flats- pretty much anything goes!

Furry boots. Whether you’re a fan of big, bulky eskimo-style boots or smaller moccasins, boots with fur lining are so, so, soooo deliciously warm. They look cozy and inviting too, and make a great addition to any casual outfit.

Fur hats and hoods. Another way to use fur to keep warm and look great is with hats and fur-lined hoods. Berets, beanies and pom-pom hats all come in a variety of furry shapes and colors, while many parkas and wool coats include fur-lined hoods to frame your face and keep it safe from wind. Beware static cling if you wear fur on your hair, though! A great tip is to keep dryer sheets or hand cream in your purse: when you take off your hat, gently rub your hair with a dryer sheet to get rid of flyaways. Alternatively, you moisturize your hands and run your fingers through your hair to replenish the oils and give your hair a teeny bit of weight.

What are your favorite ways to wear faux fur?

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