Dare to Wear: Midi Skirts

Yes, midi skirts. Before you run the other way, let us just say that they CAN look great on you, too! We all know the look from gorgeous photoshoots and endless browsing on Pinterest, and we all wish we could pull them off. They’re super classy, feminine, a bit old-fashioned and look amazing with pearls!¬†Perfect combo. In reality, though, making them look flattering can be a bit of a challenge, and here’s why: midi skirts hit mid-calf, making your lower body look short and stocky instead of tall and slim. Seems like a flawed item, then, doesn’t it…. But that’s where you’re wrong! Here is a handy checklist so that you too can look great in this elegant style:

  1. Check the length. The modern midi skirt is not actually midi (Shhhhh…). Instead, it hits right below the knee, giving an illusion of length without hitting the leg in an unflattering way. Make sure yours does this as well. If you’ve found one that you absolutely love that doesn’t meet this requirement, take it to a local seamstress and have them hem it to suit your height. Problem solved!
  2. Don’t pair volume with volume. If your skirt is full, wear it with a fitted top. Be sure to tuck it in, or choose a cropped style, to emphasize your waistline for a full-on hourglass effect. Avoid pairing your pleated midi with loose, knit tops, as this combo will make you look boxy and ill-proportioned. If your midi skirt is fitted, you can (and should!) choose a top with a bit more fabric, but opt for a peplum style when possible. Otherwise, do a full or partial tuck to keep your waist visible and your look polished!
  3. Think about your shoes. Contrary to popular belief, you CAN wear flats with a midi skirt. Choose a pair without ankle straps (this rule applies to heels, too!), and consider something with a pointier toe for added length. Heels will also look gorgeous with skirts like these, but keep the long lines of your legs by avoiding chunky or overly strappy styles. Think length when it comes to boots, as well, and forgo ankle booties and boots that hit mid-calf. Instead, go for a pair that hit above the skirt’s hemline.
  4. Accessorize. Think classic and elegant. Oh yes, we mean pearls! They look perfect with midi skirts and really add some feminine flair. When it comes to bags, avoid anything oversized since your skirt already adds volume to your look. Simple, stately pieces will look best here.

Do you love midi skirts as much as we do? Give them a try!

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