How to Wear Flats Every Day

They say beauty is pain, but does it have to be? We all know what heels do for an outfit, and there truly is no perfect substitute. There is, however, an often overlooked alternative that will usually do the trick: flats. Yep, we know, that sounds so boring, but the right pair can dramatically up an outfit’s fashion factor. Do you want to protect your feet and back without sacrificing style? Here’s what you need to do:

Spend on the basics, specifically black and nude. Don’t cut corners with these, as they will become wardrobe essentials very quickly. You want them to be durable, super comfortable and of course ultra flattering, so look for something with a pointier toe, padded sole and high qualilty leather.




Expand your collection. Once you’ve got your basics, be creative! Look for strappier styles, different colors and patterns, and experiment with textures and shapes. Here at Pearl and Clasp we love point-toe d’orsay flats, and think they look amazingly classy with just about anything. They can look just as sophisticated as heels, if not more so, and pair well with beautiful jewelry and accessories.¬†Branch out into sandals, styles with studs, and canvas flats like Tom’s for laid back errands or a day out with the kids.

Enhance your wardrobe. Stripes look great with a pop of color, so look for a pair of flats in a bright, interesting hue like red, yellow or hot pink. Cropped pants look chic with ankle straps, and flats with a rounder toe will keep an outfit looking more casual and easy-going. Animal prints like leopard look great with a wide range of colors and styles, and can even be used as an unexpected go-to shoe! Find your signature style and expand on it, be confident and creative!

Go for comfort. There’s no reason to wear painful flats; if you’re going to suffer, you may as well wear heels. Make sure to try on all flats before you buy them, and ensure that they have well-formed soles to prevent aches and cramps after lots of walking. Styles with straps and buckles will add even more support, so consider a pair of these for days with commutes or lots of errands. Remember that your comfort and confidence are your most flattering accessories!

What are your favorite flats?

Until next time,



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