8 Tips for a Great, (In)Expensive Wardrobe

I’m sure we all know those people who just look amazing and put together ALL. THE. TIME. We usually just chalk it down to expensive items, and while this is often the case, there are plenty of things you can do to give your wardrobe a boost without spending big $$s. Here are some ideas:

  1.  Invest in getting your clothes tailored. Sizes are completely standardized, and everything will look better if it looks like it was made to fit YOU. Pay your neighborhood seamstress a visit every so often to hem things that are too long, and to nip and tuck where necessary. The difference will take your look up several notches, really.
  2.  Iron your clothes. Don’t have time? Steam them while you take a shower? Clothes that look pressed will make you look more polished and fresh.
  3.  Be bold; wear gold. Whether it’s real or not, there’s just something about gold that looks high end. Of course, don’t pile on gaudy, fake looking pieces, but a handbag with gold hardware, a gold bangle bracelet or even simple gold hoop earrings will add a little extra to your outfit.
  4.  Dress in monochromes. Whether your outfit is all black or all white, this look is slimming and screams high fashion. Make sure your blacks match and aren’t faded, and that your whites are clean, of course. To really capture this look, try pairing a sleevless crewneck or turtleneck with trousers.
  5.  Tuck in your shirts and wear belts. Nothing says you know what you’re doing more than a artfully tucked shirt or sweater. Belts are stylish and easy, and can be used to switch up lots of different outfits.
  6.  Take care of your stuff. Whether its your shoes, your purse or your shirts, be sure to keep them clean, polished, pressed and ready to go. Learn how to care for leather and patent leather, and keep your items stored in such a way that will preserve their shape and keep them dust-free.
  7.  Invest in great jackets and outerwear. Tailored blazers, jackets and coats are so, so, sooooo important, especially during the winter season. You can even skimp a bit when it comes to the outfit underneath; if you’ve got a great coat, bag and shoes, you’re already set.
  8.  Spend a bit of time on yourself. Pamper your skin with scrubs and moisturizers, take care of your hair, and don’t be lazy when it comes to makeup. For a complete look, don’t skimp on the canvas! Plus, if you feel great, you’ll look great.
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What are your favorite styling tips?

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