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Fashion Trends to Look for in 2017

With 2017 in full swing and just a teeny glimpse of spring on the horizon, some of us are thinking about new clothes. According to the pros, a few of 2016’s popular styles will be trending in 2017 as well, so before you start shopping, make sure to check your closets. As always, we’ve got […]

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Holiday Trends You Should Try

Countdown has begun (if you’re like us, it started months ago 😉 ), and holiday celebrations are rapidly approaching! If you’re still debating what to wear to all those fab parties, from family reunion to office to a night out with friends, we’ve got some absolutely gorgeous, wintery, Christmas-y trends you may want to try. […]

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Winter Skin Daily Checklist

Winter wreaks havoc on our skin. The daily combo of freezing cold and moisture-stripping wind with indoor heating and hot showers leaves our skin and hair dull, flaky, itchy and altogether miserable. Sure, you can throw on some moisturizer for a quick fix, but with a little bit of effort, you can provide your skin […]

Thanksgiving Outfit Inspiration

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and we are crazy excited! We just can’t stop obsessing about this Holiday and this season. Is it not the best? It totally is. Plus, the deep colors of fall and winter are so flattering and cozy, we just love getting dressed! We’re all prepared for Thanksgiving day, but […]

How to Wear Flats Every Day

They say beauty is pain, but does it have to be? We all know what heels do for an outfit, and there truly is no perfect substitute. There is, however, an often overlooked alternative that will usually do the trick: flats. Yep, we know, that sounds so boring, but the right pair can dramatically up […]

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Post-Workout Fashion Tips YOU Can Try

If you’re a gym-goer, you probably have your routine down pat. You keep your gym bag stocked with the essentials like deodorant, spare socks, hair ties and an extra t-shirt, and you usually manage to freshen up enough to face the public after a great workout with the help of some dry shampoo, some purifying […]

Dare to Wear: Midi Skirts

Yes, midi skirts. Before you run the other way, let us just say that they CAN look great on you, too! We all know the look from gorgeous photoshoots and endless browsing on Pinterest, and we all wish we could pull them off. They’re super classy, feminine, a bit old-fashioned and look amazing with pearls! Perfect […]

Off Day? You Need These Now!

We all have those days where we wake up feeling a bit off (or downright miserable) and nothing seems to look or sit right. While we’re sure it’s mainly in your head, there are some foolproof ways to improve your look without too much stress or effort. Check ’em out! Wear black. Slimming and classic, […]

How to Wear All Black

Many, many, maaaaany women consider black their go-to color. It’s classic, subtle and slimming, not to mention very easy to find as well as to pair with favorite accessories. If you love to wear all black, though, you may find yourself getting a bit bored with your wardrobe and need some ideas to spice up […]


Spring Cleaning: Getting Started

Clothes and fashion are all about appearances, comfort and practicality, which is why they play a big part in our daily lives. When we look nice and fresh we feel more confident and motivated. Well, here at Pearl & Clasp we believe the same applies for the style and state of your home, and what […]

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