How to Kick-Start Your Spring Fitness Routine

As spring kicks into high gear and the weather warms up, us gals at Pearl & Clasp hope you and your workout routine are following suit! Yep, we are big fans of two main things: pearls and fitness. Does that combo surprise you? It shouldn’t! There’s nothing sexier than a healthy, glowing body bedecked in beautiful pearls!

Now that the days are longer and the nights are a drop warmer, we’ve been taking this opportunity to revamp our evening workouts, adding a few more runs and outdoor activities instead of indoor floor exercises. We like to mix things up though and keep our bodies and minds on their toes (pun semi-intended ;)), so nothing is set in stone.

If you’re having a hard time committing to a fitness plan, we hear you. It’s hard to get started and stay focused. Here are a few ideas that may help you stick with your now-faded New Year’s resolution:

  1. Buddy up! It’s so much easier to stay motivated when you are sharing your goals with a partner. Set up a schedule and stick with it together. Whether you meet up to exercise or just share a routine, having someone who is equally as invested as you will give you accountability and help you meet your goals. A bit of competition can also give you a boost, but be sure to build each other up and keep to motivation moving forward!
  2. Work out in style. Before you start your new fitness routine, browse through your favorite fitness styles and choose a few new items for yourself. No need to spend the big $$, just an item or two that will make you feel good and energetic. Our appearance has a direct effect on our mood, so if you feel fresh and fit you will act accordingly. Keep an image of how you want your routine to go in your mind and stick with it!
  3. Start slow. Seriously, what’s the rush? Set realistic goals so you don’t get burnt out or injured. As you reach each goal, increase the intensity of your workouts and keep challenging your mind and body in a positive, affirming way. Your body will benefit much more from this approach as well- high intensity workouts with no prep can lead to a range of issues later on. Focus on each exercise and muscle to get the most out of your efforts.
  4. Drink water. Never underestimate the power of good ol’ H2O. Sip throughout your workout, and start taking a water bottle with your during your everyday routine to increase your overall water intake. Hydration is crucial to your health, and even more so when you’re burning off those calories.
  5. Eat healthy. We’re not saying start a diet- we’re saying fix your diet. Your body needs the right kind of energy to keep up with a fitness routine, and with life. Try to maintain a healthy balance of proteins, carbs, fruits and vegetables and fats. Indulge in caffeine and sugar if you’d like, but stay on top of your intake and take responsibility for your nutrition. When your body gets what it needs, its performance will improve immensely.

What’s your fitness routine like this spring?

Until next time,



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