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Post-Workout Fashion Tips YOU Can Try

If you’re a gym-goer, you probably have your routine down pat. You keep your gym bag stocked with the essentials like deodorant, spare socks, hair ties and an extra t-shirt, and you usually manage to freshen up enough to face the public after a great workout with the help of some dry shampoo, some purifying facial wipes and a quick dab of make up. (Side note: if this sounds like you, we are jealous! Here at Pearl & Clasp wish we were this consistent with our trips to the gym.)


Have you ever seen a snapshot of a celeb leaving the gym? They must know something we don’t, because they walk out looking only mildly winded and totally ready to hit the town. And it’s not that they bring a whole wardrobe to change into; they leave wearing their workout clothes, but there is always just a little something more that ups the style factor. What is it? We’ve done some snooping and have some tips for you to try:

  1. Choose patterned clothes. Shopping for new workout leggings? Opt for something floral, metallic or cropped instead of the traditional black. Delicate, feminine patterns look great with pearls, but they also look good with hard work and healthy sweat!
  2. Add a designer bag. Instead of a trusty old Adidas duffel, try using an oversized Chanel for some interesting contrast. Make sure to bring along some plastic bags for wet or sweaty clothes so that you don’t ruin the leather.
  3. Try a cropped top. A cropped hooded sweatshirt or henley will show off your abs without showing as much skin as your sports bra would, while adding some interest to your ensemble.
  4. Add a baseball cap. This is an excellent way to hide unfortunate post-workout hair while adding a bit of sporty style to your look. Choose something with a bit of bling to make the hat look intentional and less like a cover up.
  5. Ditch the zip up. Need a layer to fight off the chill? Go for a leather or utility jacket! Edgy enough to match the rest of your ensemble, the right jacket will keep you looking sharp and feeling warm without sacrificing style.

What are your favorite post-workout styles?

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