Spring Travel Packing List

Spring is one of the best seasons to travel, and tourism is booming across the globe. Some of the most popular destinations of the season are located in Europe, where the warm weather can be a bit fickle and often gives way to random, unexpected showers. If this is true of a trip you are planning, it can be hard to determine what to pack to be properly prepared for the elements and significantly below the weight limit so that you can shop while on vacation. We feel your pain, so we’ve organized a packing list for you to build off of to suit your specific trip. Check it out:


You want to keep your outfits cool but layered, so that you can easily warm up if the clouds come out, or remove layers when the sun returns. Build up from basics like colorful tanks and t-shirts, adding a cardigan, denim shirt, jacket or pullover to keep things dynamic. Mix and match to save space in your suitcase!



Think flexible- neutral, comfortable leggings/jeggings in black and dark blue are always safe bets. Add one or two of your favorite skirts, one casual dress and one fancier black for nights out. You can always add jewelry or other accessories to enhance your look with minimal suitcase space. Choose items that you know are easy to match, easy to pack (and won’t wrinkle) and comfortable to wear.



This is where you get to be more creative. Consider what you’ve packed so far and choose a few scarves, hats, earrings and anything else you may use to add some unique style to your outfits. And of course, the number one celeb-looking accessory: sunglasses! Go for something dramatic to take all of your outfits up a notch.



Your shoe choices depend a lot on your destination, but consider your itinerary and terrain throughout your trip. Skip the heels and chunky styles (or choose just one pair for nights out), because they take up so much space in your luggage and won’t serve you well during your vacation. You want to opt for shoes that are stylish, durable and comfortable, so that you’re not constantly distracted by your feet. One or two pairs of flats, a good pair of boots, flip flops and sneakers should do the trick!


Now you’re set! Bon voyage!

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