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Sterling Silver Clasps

Stunning Sterling Silver Bracelet Clasps

Add an extra bit of shimmer to accent your pearl bracelet with a stunning sterling silver bracelet clasp. A silver clasp is a “modern classic” that will look as good tomorrow as it does today. Both functional and versatile, there is no need to sacrifice on style or price.  Our fashion-driven silver clasp collection allows you to adorn yourself with the luxury of fine jewelry at an affordable price.  In fact, our sterling silver clasps are so beautiful, nobody will even suspect they’re not gold (and don’t worry, your secret is safe with us!).

Sterling silver has a deeply-rooted mystical connection to the moon.  In fact, silver is often referred to as the moon metal, and many believe that silver epitomizes feminine energy, dreams, creativity and peace. Silver is said to help attract love, strengthen psychic powers and protect the wearer from negativity. For these reasons alone, combining a classic sterling silver bracelet clasp with lustrous pearls that are inherently mystic and alluring create not just a fabulous fashion statement but an aura of positivity for anyone who wears it.

Our hand-picked selected collection of sterling silver bracelet clasps offers both intricately designed sterling silver clasps as well as options with a smooth, modern finish.  And, just as importantly as their timeless good looks, our sterling silver clasps are designed with security in mind so that you’ll leave the house knowing that your bracelet will remain on your wrist all day long.

Not sure which bracelet clasp to choose?  We suggest matching your silver bracelet clasp to one of our sterling silver necklace clasps.  Or, choose a different silver necklace clasp to complement your bracelet while adding another distinct fashion element to your wardrobe. No matter what sterling silver bracelet clasp you choose, we know you’ll love it for years to come.