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Diamond and Gold Clasps

Gorgeous Gold and Diamond Bracelet Clasps

Every pearl bracelet needs a clasp, so why not pick a show-stopping bracelet clasp that can be the centerpiece of your pearl bracelet? Fashionable bracelets can make a bold style statement – give your pearl bracelet some oomph by adding a show-stopping bracelet clasp. The bracelet clasps at Pearl & Clasp are functional, fashionable, and affordable – get started on the search for the perfect clasp today.

Whether you are searching for a simple, chic fishhook clasp for function or want a statement clasp embellished with pearls and diamonds, our collection has a variety of bracelet clasps to choose from. Single, double, and multi-strand bracelets can become the focal point of any outfit with the addition of an eye-catching clasp. Set your pearl bracelet apart from the rest by letting the clasp make the statement.

The pearl experts at Pearl & Clasp have decades of experience in creating beautiful pearl pieces, and we’ve hand-picked a variety of bracelet clasps to go with any pearl bracelet. From elegant gold clasps to chic vintage clasps with glistening diamonds, we have something for every pearl bracelet. If you need help selecting from our large variety of bracelet clasps, the pearl professionals at Pearl & Clasp will help you find the perfect match for your pearls’ size, color, and number of strands.

Selecting a new bracelet clasp can be a wonderful opportunity to restring pearls that have lost their luster – we are delighted to offer free pearl restringing to all customers who purchase a new bracelet clasp over $100 for 18-inch strands. Pearl restringing with the addition of a new bracelet clasp is a wonderful way to give your pearls a custom look without spending a fortune, and we’re happy to help you out every step of the way. If you’ve found a clasp you love but you don’t have the pearls to go with it, we can help you find the perfect set of strands to create a piece you’ll cherish forever.