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Multiple Strand Pearl Necklaces

Magical Multiple Strand Pearl Necklaces

If you think one strand of pearls is beautiful, wait until you see how gorgeous a multiple strand pearl necklace will make you look – and feel. Compiled from two or more pearl strands, what sets multiple strand pearl necklaces apart from classic single strands is their versatility.  Multiple strand necklaces are available in endless lengths and configurations. From short chokers to long strands you’ll find something you love that you will love to wear now and in many years. Long strands can be wrapped around your neck any number of times to create a stunning layered look, while shorter multiple strands create a timeless tiered look.  Looking for something entirely unique?  Twist multiple strands together to create a rope look, or combine strands of pearls in different sizes or colors.

At Pearl & Clasp we are proud to offer a wide range of multiple strand pearl necklaces.  We can also create a custom piece specifically for you.  Just contact our style team to share your ideas or ask advice, and we’ll come up with the perfect piece for you.  Want a multiple strand baroque pearl necklace?  No problem?  A mix of differently-sized strands?  We can do that!  A custom clasp to keep your multiple strand necklace in high fashion at all times?  Of course!  You can mix and match any of our pearl necklaces with our multiple strand necklace clasps to get the look of your dreams.

When it comes to choosing a multiple strand necklace, determine the necklace length that best suits your style. Consider how often you will be wearing your multiple strand pearl strand necklace and to what events. Always allow for half an inch of drape per inch of necklace length. If your neck is 13 inches in diameter, a 16 inch necklace will drape 1.5 inches below the bottom of your throat. You can size your necklace up or down accordingly based on your build and style preferences. If you’re interested in a nested multiple strand pearl necklace in which the strands sit inside one another, consider adding support bars to keep the strands tightly in place.

We are extremely excited to help you find the perfect multiple strand pearl necklace.  It’s a purchase that is made once and enjoyed forever, and we want your entire experience to be perfect.  We’re delighted to offer free shipping on all of our multiple strand pearl necklaces.  Happy shopping, and please let us know how we can help!