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Black Pearl Earrings to Suit Every Style

The dark side is calling – extremely rare in nature and stunning in wardrobe, black pearls add some luxury to your pearl collection. It’s no secret that every woman needs a pair of pearl earrings in her wardrobe, but mixing it up with black pearls can update the look and give a large impact every time you wear them. Black pearls turn heads – the mystery and allure of nature’s treasures is compounded in these gems – why not show them off? Captivating with a casual ponytail or swept-back up-do and perfect with every skin one, you’ll be happy to go to the dark side with black pearl earrings.

Black pearls are from the island of Tahiti, and their exoticness can be seen from every turn. Romantic, classic, and extremely rare to find in nature, Tahitian pearls are a great way to update an old classic. Safeguarded as attire for royalty for generations, black pearls are equally as striking on their own or with the addition of glimmering diamonds. They are perfect to wear on the red carpet or walking down the aisle at your wedding.  Want to match your new black pearl earrings to an existing single strand pearl bracelet or pearl  necklace?  No problem – our team of pearl professionals can find the perfect match for your black pearl earrings or any other jewelry.

Because they are extremely rare, it is not uncommon for it to take years to find enough black pearls that match in colors to create a stunning piece of jewelry. Luckily, the pearl professionals at Pearl & Clasp work tirelessly to find the most exquisite gems to feature in our jewelry, and as every pearl earring is carefully crafted, we always guarantee consistency in quality, color, and beauty. Whether you have a collection of pearls or are just purchasing your first pair, black pearls are a timeless addition to any wardrobe that will make a statement every time you wear them. Don’t see the pearls you desire on this page? Contact our pearl professionals to inquire about creating a custom pair – we’re happy to work with you.