Boost Your Mood with These Easy Style Tips

We all have those mornings when getting out of bed seems impossible. You may be tired, lazy, sad, or just plain blah, and finding the motivation to jump through the daily hoops can seem daunting with style. But at Pearl & Clasp, we’re here to help you escape it and make your mornings a little […]

Pearl Jewelry Styling

Killer Ideas for Styling Up Pearl Jewelry Pieces

How to style up pearl jewelry? Pearls are super stylish and classy, no doubt about that. But don’t you feel tired wearing the same white pearl necklace or bracelet? Many other women also feel the same way. The greatness of pearls is their versatility. Whether you want to create a casual, chic, or contemporary look, […]

baroque pearl necklace

Baroque Pearls: The Glamour and Elegance In Irregular Shapes

Beauty comes in every shape and size. Baroque pearls, the fascinating organic gems, are the glaring example of this statement. Without being perfectly round, they ooze striking beauty similar to that of Keshi, Biwa, and Nacre pearls. If you are looking for adding something exclusive into your jewelry collection, baroque pearls are the best choice […]

New Summer Styles with Key Coral Designs

Pearls are a wardrobe essential for any season, and they look especially flattering against the sun-tanned skin of summer! Indeed, pairing them with bright or pastel-colored sundresses, espadrilles and minimal makeup makes for the perfect summer ensemble. Here at Pearl & Clasp, we recently partnered with Key Coral Designs to string some absolutely unique beaded […]


Wardrobe Makeover Part Two: Restyling Old Clothes

In our last post, we discussed some tips and tricks for mapping out your wardrobe and making informed, practical decisions about what to shop for. Now that your wardrobe is (basically) complete, it’s time to get creative! Sometimes all your clothes really need is a recombination of outfits and accessories to keep your look fresh […]

Mother’s Day Gift Guide: Pearl Necklaces

Mother’s Day is coming up and we’ve been thinking about ways to celebrate the most important women in our lives. Busy schedules and of course distance can take a toll on how much time we get to spend with our moms, but once a year we get to tell them how much they really mean […]

Spring Staple: White Jeans

Spring styles need to be versatile and fun, especially when the season hasn’t quite turned yet and we are torn between wanting to stay warm and wanting to welcome this beautiful season with light, bright, breezy colors. Sun dresses and loose, sleeveless tops are gorgeous and extremely suitable for late spring and summer, but in […]

Spring Dresses That Are Trending NOW

Ahhhh spring! We know, we’re obsessed, but… we just LOVE this season! So fresh, clean, green and gorgeous, it’s really so hard to resist all of the styles that are blossoming now. Now that the chill is finally leaving, one of our absolute favorite items is about to become more practical: the dress. So simple […]

Maternity Fashion on a Budget

Whether this is your first pregnancy or not, your maternity wardrobe undoubtedly leaves much to be desired. As you may have discovered, however, a cute black shirt with special ruching for your belly often costs triple the amount it would in a regular old clothing store. Though some brands (like Old Navy) do have cute […]

Modesty Gains Traction in NYC

Here at Pearl & Clasp, we are all about class and quality. Pearls reflect an age-old, timeless beauty that can’t be outshone by more modern styles. As such, when we saw this article in the NY Times, we couldn’t be more thrilled! Modesty is making a serious comeback by breaking into mainstream fashion. Inspired by […]

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