Pearl Jewelry Styling

Killer Ideas for Styling Up Pearl Jewelry Pieces

How to style up pearl jewelry? Pearls are super stylish and classy, no doubt about that. But don’t you feel tired wearing the same white pearl necklace or bracelet? Many other women also feel the same way.

The greatness of pearls is their versatility. Whether you want to create a casual, chic, or contemporary look, you can’t go wrong with these natural gems. You can style them up for a more casual or funky impression.

Here are some cool ways to wear your pearl jewelry. The ideas cover everything from exposing your inner elegance to your willingness to look casual and relaxed.

Create a fashionable statement with pearl chokers.

The plus point of chokers with pearls is that these can uplift any outfit. The choker trend is becoming more and more popular due to its surprisingly versatile looks. The piece will look good with any off-shoulder tops and that little black dress (LBD). It can make your attire look fashionable and trendy while itself oozing elegance.

You can either purchase a choker or craft one for yourself. A customized ornament is better because you can make it according to your taste and preference.

A single or double leather cords with one or two pearl pendants look trendy and striking. The no-frills appearance gives the necklace a bold impression.

Take a piece of leather cord that fits around your neck, neither too loosely nor too tightly. Cut it into half and make a small home on one end of each cord. Thread one piece of gold or silver wire into the hole, create a loop, and thread one or two pearl beads into the protruding wire. Then, thread the excess wire end into the hole of the other cord and create another wrapped loop.

Complete the choker by connecting a chain and clasp at other ends of the threads. The necklace is ready for you to rock any look you like.

The more the merrier – double pearls for double elegance.

Sometimes, more is better and as equally classy as minimal decoration. We basically see pearl rings the feature a single bead. What if there is more than one? Trust me, a double-pearl ring oozes as much refinement and elegance as a single-pearl ring.

You can purchase such rings from jewelry shops and some of will offer customization too according to your preference.

Just like the choker, you can also make such a ring with no specialized crafting knowledge. You will just need a thin wire ring, two pearl beads, super glue, and pliers. Glue two beads side by side on the ring. One they are set, mold the ring to fit the size of your finger.

Depending on your outfit collection and personal taste, you can use pearls of any color to make this ring. Using a pair of asymmetrical pearls will add visual depth and interest.

These are two minimal, no-frills ideas to style up your pearl jewelry. Which one of them is your favorite? Remember that when you are crafting something, you can always modify it to give a more personalized touch.

Until next time!


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