Maternity Fashion on a Budget

Whether this is your first pregnancy or not, your maternity wardrobe undoubtedly leaves much to be desired. As you may have discovered, however, a cute black shirt with special ruching for your belly often costs triple the amount it would in a regular old clothing store. Though some brands (like Old Navy) do have cute items for fair prices, shopping to dress your bump can be expensive and frustrating. Here’s the good news though- you can minimize the stress by choosing the right non-maternity items to get you through this magical time, and far beyond it as well. This way, you’re investing in (cheaper) ¬†items that will serve you both pre and post baby! Check out these ideas from Pearl and Clasp:

1. Stretchy maxi skirts. Flattering and feminine, these are easily found in different colors and styles. Most of them also feature that elastic fold-over flap on top, which is great for wearing both under or over your growing belly. These are less practical in the rain, so keep them in mind for warmer, or at least, drier weather.

2. Jeggings. Super stretchy, these are a great alternative to jeans or expensive maternity pants. Buy a pair or two in a size up to accomodate your growing curves, and let them do the rest! If they pull a bit at your waist, use a hair elastic to secure them without closing the button, and make sure to wear a shirt that covers the area completely. You can also invest in a belly band, if an elastic doesn’t work for you.

3. Oversized sweaters. This season is perfect for a newly-budding belly, because loose, chunky and cozy is totally in style. Look for sweaters with slits on the sides or a slightly rounded hem to flatter and accentuate your new shape, and consider sizing up so that your new top lasts longer. The great news is you can wear these a bit big and baggy once you’re no longer pregnant as well, so be sure to choose colors and styles that you will still love next year.




4. Wrap dresses. The only challenge you may find with these (if they’re not specifically made for maternity wear) is the length, so be sure to choose something that will still come close to your knees when your baby bump becomes more prominent. Pair one of these with a pearl necklace and heels for a night out.

5. Empire Waists. Once your pregnancy has really set in, your waist will basically be non-existent. That’s why empire waisted dresses and tops are so popular in maternity styles- they create the illusion of a waitline and help you look a bit slimmer while accenting your baby bump in a flattering way. This style is popular and easy to find, making it a great option for moms-to-be!

6. Belts. With the right belt, a regular smock dress, your husband’s shirt or an old tee can all become the perfect maternity outfit. Cinch above your natural waist right under the bust for the same benefits of the empire waist, and enjoy the endless, inexpensive possibilities!

What are your favorite maternity styles?

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