Winter Wardrobe Checklist

As fall turns to winter, our wardrobes may need to undergo a few small changes. While many of the layers can stay the same, the need for waterproof shoes, heavier coats and other accessories becomes much greater. Here at Pearl & Clasp we loooove Pinterest (of course), and have used it to come up with a checklist for you gals. Check it out!

The first item on the list is pretty much an essential for any season, because it is so versatile. Skinny jeans are especially perfect for winter though, because they are more substantial than leggings. You can layer them with tights, leggings, warm socks, and every kind of boot to keep warm and look great.

Rain boots. Uggs are cute and cozy, but when it comes to stormy weather… They’re less ideal. There’s no way around it, rubber rain boots are a total must-have. Luckily, they can be super cute, too, with interesting patterns and styles. Find a pair that suits you well, and your feet will be happy all winter long.


Next are thick socks. These disappeared for a while, but they are back and oh-so-crucial. Get  a couple cute-looking pairs to leave peaking out of the top of your boots, and some thick, soft grandma ones to wear each and every day. Trust us, you won’t regret it!

A coat. We know what you’re thinking… duh! But seriously, get yourself a great fitting, great feeling, great looking, coat. Your winter will improve dramatically when you feel confident in all your layers. Make sure it’s thick enough to keep you warm, and machine washable! We love pea coats (they look great with pearls!) but a trench coat, anorak, puffer jacket or fleece are all great options. Just consider the weather in your area while making your selection.


And of course, don’t forget the other accessories like pom-pom barrets, knitted beanies, adorable scarves and pashminas, and JEWELRY!

What’s your go-to winter gear?

Until next time,



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