Winter Items to Look for In the Men’s Department

Fall and winter trends vary each year, but you can always use a few words to describe them. Cozy? Check. Oversized? Check. Warm? Check. Well, we’ve got some advice for you gals. Shop for winterwear in the men’s section. Yep, you heard us. You’ll spend less, and your clothes will last longer. Here are some examples of winter items that you can absolutely look for in the men’s department:


The thicker, the better, right? Men’s socks will be bigger, thicker, and tougher, making them the perfect layering piece under boots or tucked into jeans. For some reason, there’s an assumption that men’s socks need to be more durable and withstand more washes, so your new men’s socks should get you all the way to spring without having to restock.


Oversized, chunky items are all the rage, and, like socks, men’s sweaters will be better made. You may feel strange at first, but the color and style selection will undoubtedly suit your fashion needs while meeting a lower budget. If the sweater looks a drop masculine, that’s totally fine! Pair it with some jeans, heeled boots and some jewelry for a modern chic look.


Add a twist to your outfit with a men’s button down. Flannel shirts are an excellent layering piece for fall and winter. In this case, the men’s department will probably have a wider color selection, and the slightly baggy shape offers so many styling choices. Wear yours with a belt and earrings, or leave it open over a black t shirt for a more casual look.

Oversized Jackets

If you really dig the oversized look, shop for jackets meant for guys as well. Chances are they’ll be both warmer and cheaper than those in the women’s department, and your look will stay fresh and unique. If the sleeves are a bit big, spend the extra few bucks to get them tailored to fit you perfectly.

 Boyfriend Jeans

Though some might prefer to wear these in the summer, these baggy, relaxed jeans look great with ankle booties. Instead of paying for jeans that are styled to look like your boyfriend’s jeans, why not go straight to the source?

What do you think? Would you venture out of the women’s section for any of these winter steals?

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