7mm Solid Golden Ball Pearl Necklace Clasp



Clasp Size: 7mm
Metal Type: 14K White or Yellow Gold



This modern clasp adds a level of luxury to your classic pearl bracelet. Made from 14K white or yellow gold, the shape of this golden ball clasp mimics the round shape of your pearls, adding an interesting touch. You wont want to hide this clasp in the back! For a modern look, wear it in the front or off to the side of your pearl necklace.

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  1. Collie

    I was on the hunt for a 14K gold clasp for a very long strand of pearls. This 14K golden ball clasp was the perfect fit for my strand of pearls because the ball allows for the clasp to be part of the look on the side and is in keeping with the round look of the pearls. The clasp doesn’t overpower the pearls but adds to the finished appearance of a beautiful strand of knotted pearls. Now my strands can be doubled or tripled with a pretty clasp as an optional accent. Best of all this clasp is secure and will keep your pearls safely clasped!

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