15 mm Diamond Clasp for Pearl Necklace


Diamond Weight: 1.90ct
Clasp Size: 15mm
Metal Type: 18K White Gold



This 15mm Diamond Clasp is a truly exquisite necklace clasp perfect for your favorite pearl strand.

Completely encrusted with 1.90ct of diamonds, the addition of a diamond’s shine is a perfect pairing to any pearl’s refined luster.

When paired with a Pearl Necklace, this clasp has the ability to totally transform your pearl necklace, taking it to that next level of sophistication.

Made of 18K White Gold, there is not a single detail of this 15mm Diamond Ball Clasp that isn’t of the highest caliber.

A clasp this gorgeous is deserving of only the most radiant pearl necklaces.

Shop our wide selection of Pearl Necklaces today to pick our pearls for this clasp.

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