1.10ct Diamond Ball Pearl Bracelet Clasp


Diamond Weight: 1.10ct
Clasp Size: 10mm
Metal Type: 18K White or Yellow Gold



A total vision of glamor, this stunning Diamond Ball Pearl Bracelet Clasp radiates luxury.

Encrusted with 1.10ct of diamonds, this clasp is completely covered in high-quality diamonds.

This 1.10ct Diamond Ball Clasp is the perfect accessory to a single strand pearl bracelet.

The brilliance and glimmer of this bracelet clasp adds just the right element of shine to enhance the beauty of a pearl bracelet.

Simple yet totally decadent, this clasp has the ability to totally transform your pearl bracelet into a statement piece.

This 10mm clasp is available in 18K white or yellow gold. With this clasp, there is not a single element that is not totally ravishing.

Get the complete look; chose the pearl bracelet of your dreams from our wide selection.

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